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1 link per 300 words is ideal, max 3-4 linksin total. The articles should be easily readable and divided into sections with subheadings. We will add your company name to any “Top 10 List” you want. The position will be 3 to 10 according to availability. We are assuming that you have accepted our above terms and then only you are sending us content. Always add citations and references to all the images and facts.

Keep the sentences short all through the article. Bullet points can be applied to add clarity to the essay. Always attach a plagiarism test copy along with your article mail.

Do add a short introduction (3-4 lines) and conclusion (3-4 lines) to the article submitted. For the introduction, you can begin with a question, quote, or fact related to the topic. End the report with a summary and key takeaway points. We are accepting “Tech Write For Us” pitches and focusing highly upon that type of tech related content.

We work with experienced professionals who share their knowledge and experience to address critical questions that exist in the minds of readers. Our content isn’t just for tech-savvy people – we make sure that it is equally appealing to those who are new to the world of technology – so that everyone can benefit. Moreover, you have to notice the website’s domain authority, page authority, and spam score before sending your pitches. If that website’s metrics are reasonable, you can land guest posts and increase your website’s authority. The wide variety of our audience includes software developers, management students, tech enthusiasts, researchers, and educationists.


We read each email and regularly answer inside one business day.

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You may boost the value of your blog while simultaneously increasing web traffic. Or if you want, we can write, and post articles customized to your business model and requirement. We have an experienced marketing team, that deeply analyze business and strategize content accordingly. If you want, you can provide us with topics or keywords to write.

Each article you write should have a specific purpose. AI – AI and Machine Learning are revolutionizing every industry, helping businesses to provide improved-quality products and services in less budget, time, and effort. Your biographical information will be attached to each of your posts published on Tech World Times. Tell the reader who you are and why are you important in a maximum 200-character bio. Growing your website’s authority is only possible when you get backlinks from relevant and high-authority domains.

We are excited you are here — because you’re a lot alike, you and us. Tech Strange is a blog that’s dedicated to serving to folks find out about technology, business, lifestyle, and fun. Give articles that add no value or meaning to your readers.

Up with awesome content and publish as many posts as you want. Once you submit your post with us, give us some time to review your content and its scope. Our editors receive so many publishing requests, so we will queue your post for publishing once it is reviewed properly. Include a link to your Website and your social media profile in the google doc. Instead of already dead PR, we offer our own evaluating system – SB Rank that was named after ScanBackLinks, free backlink checker tool and SEO software.

After ranking on several keywords, you get a lot of traffic, and when your website gets popular, your overall authority and ranking increase. There are several other benefits, but I’ve mentioned the important ones. If you are an expert in writing content on these topics, you can send your pitches. Again, we will measure everything before publishing your article on our website, so be careful with that.