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I am interested in becoming a guest contributor on your site, please let me know if you accept external content on your site. We are eager to know if you would be interested in receiving our content, which you may incorporate in your articles/editions. The topic would be covering the current digital transformation in the banking and financial sector across globe. My wife and I finally got into gear two months ago when a farmer answered a free classified ad offering free used coffee grounds for compost that we’d placed online.

Once your post is approved, you grant us copyright over the content and we automatically become its sole owner. You are then not allowed to use this content anywhere else on the web. Make sure that you can produce content of similar or even higher quality than the other content we have.

YouTube videos are a great way to better connect with readers and can improve the quality of a post. For example, include some discussion questions to prompt a reader to think differently about a particular topic. Provide a real-world, practical tip for the reader so they can change their life. Or, share some links to events or organizations that directly impact your topic. Upon receiving this document, please submit one writing sample (non-academic) and three article ideas to within 5-10 business days.

Using a captivating opening statement within the first couple of sentences is critical in keeping a reader interested. This means writers must focus on making an article’s first paragraph excellent. Write effectively and efficiently, and make complicated subjects easy to digest.

To the rain-dancing puddle jumpers and late-night swimmers, the midnight moon gazers, the firefly collectors and the breakfast chocolate cake aficionados. To all who love to grow beautiful things, eat good food and feel the sunshine on their faces, this site is for you… We’re always on the look out for innovative and inspirational content about eco living and the latest sustainable trends to expand our community.

Edit yourself ruthlessly, looking for opportunities to reduce your word count without diminishing the quality of your writing. We’re not here to write novels; we’re here to inform our readers quickly. Please take a moment to proofread the content before submitting it for review. That means making sure spelling is correct, grammar looks good, and the article’s tone is what you want it to be. Write as if you’re talking to a friend, speaking in front of a group, or any way that is authentic to your voice.

The text should not be commercial and cannot include links unless they are relevant. Authors may provide an optional short bio of up to 50 words and their main email address . To avoid ownership ambiguity, we will not attribute your post to a company. Videos should be relevant to the topic and demonstrate something useful for the reader.


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I can send you the topics I have in mind if you’re still open to new guest authors. That is why we are the product of this generation of obesity etc. We have to help our new generation to eat and stay healthier so they can have a better life, then being sick and overweight all the time. So sorry about the delay, have you tried collecting any coffee grounds?

Write ORIGINAL, VALUABLE, and well-written content related to environmentalism, living sustainably, tips on going green, zero waste lifestyle, and environmental issues. To know what type of content we’ll accept, browse over the Zero Waste Lifestyle System blog. Subjects – Anything sustainable, ethical, wellness or eco-friendly. For example, zero waste, sustainability, wellness, women empowerment, tips on sustainable and ethical lifestyle, green lifestyle, eco-friendly practices, environmental news. JustEco is a blog where we share quality content on the importance of the environment, eco-friendly products, sustainable living, etc.