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I keep several pictures in my photo file that I get mainly from pixabay.com. I’d not gotten into WordPress as I am not at a point where I want to build a business. Hey, just one point on the Instagram platform. Linktree could be used to display multiple links via your bio link…and its free too!

But then, after having your work published on a well-known website, you’re now seen as a subject matter expert in your field. Sometimes, the best platform for your work is someone else’s popular blog. If your idea of appealing to your audience’s sensory details involves pulling out the iPhone 3G you’ve had since 2008 and snapping a photo, Instagram may not be the platform for you. Even if you subtract everyone who follows a Kardashian or has posted a photo of themselves impersonating a duck, Instagram offers an audience of well over 75 people. WordPress.com is a solid cms platform for almost every type of blogger. With “dozens” of free themes from which to choose, WordPress.com offers design flexibility that isn’t available with Medium and the other free platforms.


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So your foremost responsibility is to find out the proper sites to publish guest posts. Exposure to more traffic– More traffic means more readers of your content. If your content is of high quality and people find usefulness of the same there is potentiality of turning them into customers. More of that, not only local traffic but if you can manage to grab global visitors to your website this opens up door to a global platform. This is quite possible by joining with the guest posting sites in USA.

Here are a few of the best free guest posting sites in India where you can write quality guest posts and receive massive traffic as they are widely popular. Here’s a list of some of the important questions you must know about guest blogging and guest posting sites if you want to better understand the game in 2022 and beyond. What you have to do is approach owners or concerned persons of these blogs with a polite email. You should highlight your intention to write guest posts for them. And in case you have already written guest posts for some popular blogs in your niche, please mention them as well in your email.

Bloggers oversee a large share of participation on social media and can be tremendously influential. This way you build both a solid network, grow your realm in social media and get credit for the work that you do. Guest Posting is not simply restricted to writing for someone else and packing your bags and leaving once you are done with your job. Guest Posting adds value to the writers’ own roster of work and helps them build their own online influence. Always read the guidelines of blog submission before you approach for publishing for content.