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They don’t have a minimum or maximum word count. They want evergreen articles that offer practical and actionable tips. Their most successful articles are 1,500 to 2,000 words long. You can share interesting observations, thoughts, incidents, and almost practically everything about raising children. Your experiences and stories will motivate and inspire mothers and fathers on their struggling parenting journey. Your blogs would provide reliable advice on baby care, pregnancy, and parenting that could help them through their hard phase.

She is eager to learn from women who are a couple of steps ahead of her, but not so far removed that they can’t understand her day-to-day situation. She needs guidance and support in her relationship with God, Bible study, devotional time, and spiritual disciplines. She also needs a biblical view of mothering, raising children, and growing in Christ-likeness in the little years.


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Please run it by us before writing the article. We will then add you as a contributor and you’ll be able to add articles to be approved. Our ideal reader and listener of MommaTheologians is a mother or expecting mom. She has children ranging from expecting to elementary-aged. She grew up in Church, albeit sporadically, but is interested in returning to devotion to God and isn’t quite sure where to begin. If she has become more involved in her relationship with God, she is overwhelmed with where to go and desires encouragement and someone to walk alongside her in her honest struggles.

No fluff and no nonsense, just write great content and get paid. So, start formulating some guest posts and pitching your ideas today. Mops Magazine will pay you to write honest, welcoming, woman-empowering content. Their list of acceptable topics includes recipes, practical home ideas, DIY ideas, parenting tips, and mother/women related issues.

This turns out not to be true, at least not for the writers in our database. In our sample, women writers without children published fewer books, on average , than those with one , two , or three children . The number of books does start to drop with four kids , or five or more children . We offer many opportunities for guest blogger parenting, you can broaden your reach as a writer and promote your work.

Before we go any further, we should take a quick minute to clarify the slight differences between guest posting and freelance writing. In preparation for this article, I did a little digging and managed to compile a list of 25 websites that will actually pay moms to write for them. After your piece is published, unique pageviews will be tracked for 30 days.

Spirituality is the basic essence of finding yourself and letting go of the worldly troubles. Spirituality typically involves the search for meaning in life. Our category also includes the practice of meditation and how to find depth in life through it. Our category sums up for readers to become able to find inner peace. In Peace Quarter’s category of Aura, you will find inspiring mindful practices that make you stress free, at work, at home or at school. Moreover, you will also find material related to finding your chakra and other methods of coping with stress.

This blog covers everything from pregnancy to raising your kids to the mommy lifestyle. Take a look at their blog to see what type of content they publish. The Yummy Mummy Club focuses on Canadian women with children. Most posts deal with being a mom, pregnancy and the needs of families with children. A Mountain Momma welcomes new writers, bloggers who have a passion for writing by providing the opportunity of Guest Post submission. You have a story to share and we want to hear it!

It also increases your position of authority among your readers . Some of these companies will pay you $200 or more, just to write an article. You must send your email invoice and screenshot within 60 days of the close of your views window. We cannot process invoices after a 60-day period. You’re allowed to have 1 natural anchor text link in the name of domain or company.

Publishes thought-provoking articles on all aspects of parenting. They accept pitches for articles that share surprising advice, a personal story, or a revelation. This motherhood blogging community is dedicated to all stay at home moms, working moms + military spouses. Motherhood involves teaching + loving your children daily with hopes to fit in self-care + fitness sometimes.