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We are not a depository of spam and we are not into cheap link building business. We will not allow low-quality articles written just for the purpose of backlink building. Links to cheap sites and links with keyword-filled anchor texts are usually rejected straight away. Articles should be prepared well written with targeted keyword so that it will benefited both of us. So, try to make some research before writing the final article . We do accept guest post on technology , Marketing , Seo , Sports , News , education , if you want to publish article into any other category feel free to contact us .


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Also, kindly share a 3-5 line author bio that will be included at the end of the post. You may include links to your website or social media accounts therein so interested readers may connect with you. College Disha is a student-centric web educational portal that works with the sole motto to provide every essential information regarding academics. Here, we help students by publishing exam contents, courses, coaching institutes, articles, board content, news, career option contents, and several other relevant information. Our articles are educational and provide value to our audience – we expect your guest post to be of the same quality. You should offer expert advice or educate people about your preferred topic and make it simple and easy to understand.

We also advise writers to develop extensive content. The article must be informative, original, and devoid of plagiarism. You must not have previously submitted the same article.

The length of your article can also affect whether or not you can convert readers into leads. Are you looking for the list of education website or best blog in India accepting educational related guest articles? Admission Guidance accepts a limited number of high-quality guest posts. The subject of your article must be relevant to education and helpful for a teacher, parent, or student.

In this article, we’ll share with you a list of blogs that accept guest bloggers. Guest blogging is a great way to get your name out there and grow your audience. Plus, it’s a great way to build relationships with other bloggers in your niche.

So make sure your post is relevant to our readership. If self-promoting within a content-rich article, please do so discreetly and remember that your author bio is a good place to include your details and links. We reserve the right to edit your post if it is too self-referential. Guest posts are subject to editorial discretion and the authors will be credited for their contribution.

Your content should be unique exclusively only for Admission Guidance . The article should not be published anywhere else . We will allow maximum 2 links and should not violate content guidelines from Google. The title must convey what is in the body of the article. To be precise, the title is the reflection of the article.

Content alone is not sufficient to induce the audience. Our main audience is the students, therefore we need to work on those aspects which will attract them. Not a single cliche word or sentence written or use in your article.

Include a maximum of 2 links to your company’s content in the article . These shouldn’t direct to your landing page, sign-up page and similar promotional content. If you’ve never published an article before or are asking yourself whether your idea is a good one for Excellent Home classes audience, check out our resources page here. You must submit at least 1 relevant image in a separate file. You can include the image in the article but must send the image as an attachment as well.

We also accept news articles, information and updates on new technologies as well. In addition to the citation of the source, you must give full credit to the original author. For instance, students should never turn in another person’s paper.