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We don’t allow direct sales pitches or backlinks to the promotional product page. However, you may link your homepage from the author bio or from within the content if it’s relevant. Include social media addresses for any organisation or person mentioned in the article. Original & authentic submissions – We do not accept any articles that have been published online before. This is because we care about how better to rank your content on Search Engine Results Page. One of the most popular writing niches is the environment.

Opportunity for emerging bloggers to express their views and journey through the writing of our platform. The topic of environmental safety got trending as it has provided awareness of updates and scientific knowledge to the commoner. Now, if you are ready, then check the below given points to apply for the guest post.

After you send us your three topics, our Editorial team will pick one based on our upcoming content calendar or client work. When choosing a topic for our blog, consider that Sustainable Review’s target audience is Gen-Z and Millenials – from casual observers to sustainability experts. Attribution –You should provide references or links to original sources of your data and/or your key points. The links that provide context, explanation, video, and/or further readings can be supplied.

We are informing readers to be more conscious of their thoughts, attitudes, and behaviors around the environment and help them make better decisions to build a better planet. Every article should include a secondary title and a summary. Be creative about the article topics you choose – make sure they loosely fit under one of the above content buckets and align well with our mission or client scope of work. Ultimately, we want our contributors to write about topics they know best. If you really think that you acquire what it takes to be a good writer then go through this process and gain experience with us. After writing you will email your article to the address provided at our site.

Here and get a great chance to connect with us and become an irreplaceable member of our team. Each writer on the website is paired with an experienced mentor to maximize visibility. Will accept every article dedicated to the environment and free of plagiarism. Doing original research and produce content-based and collaborative study requires passion. You do not have to be qualified or have specialized abilities to use our website.

Promotional content may incur publication fees, which we will inform you about after editorial review. Mention or discuss original concepts, relevant arguments, and the latest trends and developments in your field of expertise. We will not republish anything that’s been published elsewhere.


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The topic of your article should be relevant to our Green Living Blog readers so anything related to eco-friendly living, green lifestyle, ethical shopping etc. will be accepted. Then share your green living tips, ideas and suggestions on the Green Living Blog to spread the word about how to lead an earth-friendly and eco-friendly life. Environment “Write For Us”post, you must be sure about your field of interest in sustainable development, global structure, news, or climate change. Also, you may secure your essential data, knowledge, and financial assets by preventing fraud schemes and frauds. You can now write for us about the environment and all other related topics using that information alone. Most importantly, your story has to be unique, interesting and follow the guidelines below.

All interactions with our website are governed by our Terms of Use, Privacy Policy, and Editorial Guidelines. You will be deemed to consent to these terms and guidelines if you choose to publish or post any content on our website. By submitting your material to us for publication for open access, you agree that you are not entitled to and don’t expect any payment or compensation for that you submit. CareOurEarth does not pay for guest submitted materials.

A secondary title is one sentence that grabs the reader’s attention and provides further context for the article’s topic or argument. Write effectively and efficiently, and make complicated subjects easy to digest. Short paragraphs and bullet points are helpful to readers.

When a writer references data, statistics, or other information from research studies, it is critical to choose reputable sources. Write as if you’re talking to a friend, speaking in front of a group, or any way that is authentic to your voice. People prefer articles with real-life experiences and stories. Using a captivating opening statement within the first couple of sentences is critical in keeping a reader interested. This means writers must focus on making an article’s first paragraph excellent. Your article will then be scanned by our review committee for quality and the way you engage the readers.