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Foremost, Voquent focuses on stories that are highly relevant to our suppliers – the voice actors. We also publish stories for the animators, video producers, creative agencies, educators and marketers who make up our customer base. Our articles regularly reach tens of thousands of people, helping to develop and grow the audiences of other individuals and businesses.

We strive to offer real value and we want our audience to evolve. Instead of sending visitors to your homepage, lead them to a landing page on your site that contains a specific offer. You can immediately supply them with more value and move them into your sales funnel. Readers can learn more by going to the following link. One way to think of the conclusion is, paradoxically, as a second introduction because it does in fact contain many of the same features.

That’s all well and good if that’s what you’re looking for – which, in my case, is rare. I didn’t read any of these posts, simply because it seems that at least half of the blog posts in my RSS feed are structured in this fashion . The exact figures presented in these headlines are all framed within a context of providing actionable advice to other marketers and startups. A few years ago, I edited a piece written by a colleague focusing on the highlights of a major technology conference. The writer, under a seriously tight deadline, had done a bang-up job of writing great copy in virtually no time, but he failed to properly check his facts.

That said, it doesn’t mean we won’t appreciate your article on another topic. Our website is a space for technology enthusiasts. However, we target our content at a very diverse audience.


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Be sure to actually turn your computer on before you start writing. Everyone and their grandmother has an opinion about headlines. Some say you should be as specific as possible , while others recommend taking a more abstract approach. Vague headlines might work just fine if you’re Seth Godin, but for most of us, being specific is better. In the event that you fall prey to a well-executed hoax, repeat widely circulated misinformation, or simply make a mistake, own up to it right away and be transparent about your edits. If you try to slip something past your readers, you can bet that they’ll call you out on it, further compounding the damage.