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The Bold Italic might be a great fit if you’re from San Francisco or have a connection to the city. Past essay topics have included the gig economy, online dating, mental illness, and more. The New York Times Modern Love column reportedly pays as much as $300 for essays on any topic that could be classified as modern love.

To get exposure and target traffic for your articles, blog, product and business etc. This could be a fee charged each time your product is sent out or on a monthly basis. Either way, this has to be something that your customers can only get by subscribing to your website. First off, I’m a blogger so it seems wrong not to mention it, but more importantly, it’s a legitimate way to make money. It’s quite possibly the least straight-forward way on this list, but it’s very doable and it’s also quite possibly the funnest way on this list. I love blogging and I know hundreds of bloggers who feel the same.

I use affiliate marketing on this blog and on many of my other blogs. Get to know their content and what they are selling. You can even find them on Twitter or LinkedIn to get even more information about that specific business. Once you find a place to pitch to, make sure you read the blog content and get to know their style of writing. From there you can craft a pitch that’s more personal since you’ve read their blog. In this post, I share with you 24 ways to make money fast.

If you want to find success as a self-nonfiction author, check out Steve Scott. Even though he’s recently switched his attentions to a regular podcast on self-publishing, his old site still has a ton of useful information. Breaking into this market can be tough without a few contacts to get you started, but it’s not impossible.


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From setting rates to finding clients, it’s everything you need for freelance success. Believe we’ve got that noted in the comments above, but thanks for weighing in ! When we do our next list, we’ll update the information. Knittyraised their rates to $120-$200 for articles about knitting and knitting patterns.

Find and share coupons on websites like Coupon Chief. Indeed or a niche job board that caters to your field. Look through the domains with the highest bids to see what type of domains sell well. It’ll help you know whether or not your domains are worth selling and how much money you can make selling them. Tradesy are a few online sites where you can sell apparel for cash.

On this note, also make sure you send it to the correct email address. Keep an eye out for writing contests, and throw your hat in the ring when you can. This one is a bit of a gamble because only the winners get paid, but it could well be worthwhile. This is also a good time to find the magazine’s submission guidelines—make sure you follow their instructions carefully, so you have a better chance of getting accepted. Something went wrong while submitting the form.