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You’ll write on PlayStation, Xbox, Switch, PC, mobile, retro games – anything you wish . We would like you to write down the articles that you’d wish to be known for, to not fit within a predefined box that isn’t natural to you. First and foremost, we’re looking for writers who are knowledgeable and passionate about the games they cover. Time to ABSOLUTELY GUSH about #FiveDates from @paulraschid, @GoodGateMedia, and @WalesInter – One of the frontrunners for my GOTY list. (Links incoming!) We get to put a spotlight on the smaller games we love, and help them reach a broader audience.

We pay close attention to the research process and ensure that only well-researched and informative material is published on our site. Working with a platform like ours can help you advertise your work on a larger scale, affecting the traffic to your website. We like to have new people who are interested in improving their writing skills on our team.


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Being a blogger, you might be well aware of the need for traffic towards your website or blog. It is the sole of your blog or website that keeps it alive throughout. A smaller interruption in between can ruin your blogging experience.

In the event that you are able to produce works of remarkable quality, you are more than welcome to demonstrate your writing talent in this part. Reading the articles shouldn’t be difficult, and it should be sectioned off with subheadings to produce a flow that is consistent all the way through the reading experience. The efforts made by our authors are not recognized in any way, shape, or form financially.

It is the way we can vast up our limits and can share unique information with our readers as well. Writers are only allowed to submit guest articles in the form of guest post proposals. Additionally, they may attach their guest post proposal to the draft to speed up the approval process.

Are you currently looking for a platform that you can use for posting up your guest posts? If yes, this post is going to serve you with the best. Creating a blog and adding some quality content is something that we do care about.

We take great care of each area of our blog, whether it’s content or SEO, to reach many people throughout the world. If you’re reading this, then you’ve probably been directed to this page to find out about how you can work for Gameranx. We’re hiring specialist writers to cover specific games. We’re interested in broadening our coverage of certain games and game franchises. We’re looking for experts–you don’t have to be good at the game, but you do need to have a passion for it. When it comes time to make our decision, we won’t take into account any information that isn’t well-written, original, timely, and relevant to the matter at hand unless it meets all of those criteria.

We take very keen care of each section of our blog, whether it is about writing or managing SEO so that we could reach up to a wide range of audiences globally. When it comes to video games, the internet is littered with divided opinions, pure speculation and reviews that miss the point. It’s only fair that we should contribute to that mess. Gameasaurus Rex is where we post incoherent rants, selective news coverage, and nostalgic content. From listicles to analytical essays – we’ve got you nerds covered. As we receive a lot of requests for guest posts, it is very obvious that it will take us some time to review the guest post that you have provided.

You also have opportunities to get your hands on review copies as mentioned before, but you will need 5+ submissions before we can consider you. Competition for the biggest titles is fierce, though we do always have a regular stream of codes available for indies. As a blogger, you may be well aware of the importance of driving traffic to your website or blog.

We also respect each other’s opinions, so we have people with various points of view. What we do expect, however, is well-written, honest articles that you’re pleased with . It also helps to recollect that our audience are primarily adult gamers. @stevenspohn Fantastic article from @thegamerwebsite If you find difficult game modes easy then I’m happy for you, genuinely.