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When the Luciferie accessories are returned, a scroll with present Enhancement value and potential shall be supplied together. If you use this scroll to the bounded Luciferie newly extracted by the Storage, the Enhancement and Potential value shall be transferred. All of the above gadgets at present in possession shall be returned one hundred pc to fully reconfigurable supplies.

Now the thing about this map is that the galok’s spawn price has been nerfed ever because the ktos repo. Everytime i make a full sweep of the map, I’d kill easily 5 of them. This bracelet has sadly been used for more battles between humans in the past than battles against monsters. Episode 14 is currently under planning, and the area is scheduled to happen in the former episode of Orsha, in the Delmore Outskirts and its sub-area. We will introduce the main points by way of a separate submit after the episode 13-2 update.

Guild Territory War can be being played unintentionally as a outcome of weak point of the rules, so some rules and adjustments are being thought of. As the main method to achieving the objective, we’re getting ready a enjoying technique that goes not solely by traditional capability but in addition content beyond the means in which of it. Unlike Ark/Accessory Storage, Vaivora weapon and Goddess/Demon God’s Ichor Storage is opened without consuming existing Ichor however doesn’t open all types without delay, however has to open individually to use. Basically, a sure number of preset slots are offered, however a certain paid service will be set to extend the variety of presets and keep the utmost number of presets. Specific consumable is needed when engraving, and this activates by chance like the prevailing Ichor extracting system. To use numerous random stats just like the Ichor change of Legenda, you can save it as a snapshot by utilizing the newly added ‘Engrave’ function.

That means, if you’ve upgraded Leventador Lv.four and Coordination Dagger Lv.2 within the Storage, other characters can also grant these level’s possibility. Vaivora weapon and Goddess/Demon God’s Ichor will be returned to their previous degree of kit, transmutor, and silver. Immediately prompts each type of Lv.10 Ark, 10 TRA Luciferie Set after opening, every character can create and use any kind of ark or Accessory from this Storage.

Ark and Accessory Storage that is divided into a number of varieties, may be opened by consuming the prevailing Lv 10 ark to eat the ark storage, and the ten TRA Luciferi accessory set to open the Accessory Storage. The maximum number of Goddess Armor’s Gem Socket is 2 and only skill gem may be outfitted. Only up to 3 colour gem could be outfitted to the Weapon and Sub-weapon and 2 Sealed Gem Socket is added. Fixed option Ichor similar to Vaivora and Goddess’/Demon God’s might be applied with a separate system known as Ichor Storage.

The first character based content material is Stage Dungeon Contents, where you presumably can meet distinctive monsters at each stage. Through arcade content material, we are going to diversify the farming process, which is concentrated in the challenge mode, and supply useful rewards for the season, alleviating the centralization of the problem mode, and provide one other expertise to the saviors. Content that goals to provide a new experience every time through rogue-like based arcade content material and content material that lowers the importance of character’s functionality with Assisters are additionally being planned.