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Pritchard, Ganser, and Peter Berkrot, reader of the present Stop the Presses! Raker is a formidable investigator with an almost tunnel-like vision towards finding the misplaced. He is softened, somewhat, by the fact that he has just met the 24-year-old daughter that he didn’t know he fathered, and now has to assume about how his actions may trigger her harm.

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She has additionally been acknowledged for her unwavering commitment to variety and inclusion. Ms. Folsom holds levels from Georgetown University Law Center and Duke University and has served on both personal and public company boards. A veteran general counsel and governance leader, she has broad experience main organizations by way of transformations and restructurings. Previously, as General Counsel, Chief Compliance Officer, and SVP of Government Affairs and Global Public Policy at U.S.

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The hairstylist/sleuth is compassionate yet unforgiving; optimistic while expecting the worst; desperate for love, but taking pains to avoid it. These seeming contradictions are the results of the hard life she has skilled as a transgender woman, together with a brutal beatdown and rape by the person Detective Wilkins believes she murdered. As Bobbi confides to a pal, “I’m the meat in a big hate sandwich.” She’s not incorrect. At times it seems the complete world—especially the anti-LGBT crowd—is out to get her. Bobbi isn’t the only fascinating character on this uncommon novel.

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