What Occurred To Neo Innovations After Shark Tank? 2023

Oliver Zak and Selom Agbitor began Mad Rabbit Tattoo, an organization that sells tattoo aftercare products, as a side hustle while attending Miami University in 2019. Now, that side hustle has landed the pair of entrepreneurs a six-figure investment from billionaire “Shark Tank” star Mark Cuban. After listening to Mark’s concern, Robert was even more nervous concerning the safety problem than as before and also went out.

Since 2010, Neo Innovations, the agency behind the magnetic gentle, has been offering tattoo elimination companies at costs which might be affordable to prospects. All Neo Innovation’s merchandise use FDA Approved Intense Pulsed Xenon Light. Neo Innovation’s old design used older technology halogen flash bulbs. This older mannequin was not straightforward to make use of and the sunshine was not as targeted.

The Black Magic IPL Pen additionally has a neodymium magnetic tip. Tattoo ink has excessive ranges of iron oxide, meaning it’s magnetic. The neodymium tip is supposed to draw the magnetic ink to the skin’s floor to maximise the effectiveness of every therapy.

Nick and Kevin have created a substitute for the painful and time-consuming means of eradicating tattoos with lasers with their Black Magic IPL product. For starters, Nick outlined the troubling fact that half of the people saguaro tattoo who get tattoos do so as a outcome of they beloved the thought of them. The reality TV star took to Instagram on Monday to show earlier than and after snaps of the tattoo elimination in progress.

He pulsed the Black Magic IPL pen on the white balloon; nothing occurred, however it immediately popped when he pulsed the light on the black one. “Tattoos require constant maintenance and maintenance to continue trying healthy,” Zak said. “With that in thoughts, Mad Rabbit was formulated with all-natural elements to keep tattoos looking vibrant and stop ink discoloration.” Majid is an Accounting Major at California State University, Northridge.