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” According to Writer’s Weekly, they pay up to $500 for features. They don’t have guidelines available, but you can contact the editor here. Payment rates vary, depending on the publisher, and may need to be negotiated. If you want to learn how to negotiate rates, build a solid base of clients, and earn a living as a freelance writer, I highly recommend The No B.S. Class on Freelance Writing.

I am proficient in English and have beginner’s experience in writing. I’m interested in writing health and medicine-related articles. Share your professional credentials and your current job.

Although the work-from-home setup provides an opportunity to spend more time with family, it doesn’t mean there’s less work. You may have heard about chia seeds as one of the best foods from nature with immense benefits that we will discuss with you all… Being healthy is a propensity that you ought to teach from youth itself. From customary health check-ups to tending to issues, each individual should be…


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After we have completed our initial evaluations of potential candidates, we invite them to take a writing test. Our editors are eagle-eyed and search for flawless punctuation, pristine grammar, and overall excellent wordsmithing. There may not be a good match between a writer and a brand in rare cases. If this happens, please let us know, and we’ll replace the writer with another at no cost.

Falling into this category means you are the expert in your specific niche. Because people are seeking expertise, showing up in their online search is key. Holistic practitioners like yourself have been censored, shadowbanned, and had their ads denied by Google. Understandably you’ve chosen to focus on word of mouth and other offline means to attract new business. For more opportunities, check out this list of fitness magazines and websites. Before submitting, make adjustments to articles (including, but not limited to, spelling, grammar, and paragraph/sentence structure to improve readability).

Wireframes and sketches will be handled, as well as full website content upgrades and rewrites of existing material. We’ve almost certainly got a freelance natural health writer who can write entertainingly about your product or service if you’re looking for a natural health article. Our natural health content is optimized for Google as well as for conversions. It’s a difficult balancing act because the two writing styles aren’t always compatible, but our writers manage to create well-balanced articles.

More significantly, they’ll be familiar with the real-world advantages of your products, allowing them to sell them to the reader more genuinely and effectively. When your content manager has completed their checks, it’s time to get down to business—reviewing your material. This is quite unusual, but if you don’t like your writer’s work on the first read, no problem!

If you have any social media profiles, include links to them. All of our material is ghostwritten, so you may attribute it to anybody you choose . As many companies wish to project the image that all of their content was produced by in-house copywriters, we keep our clients’ identities secret. The average TAT is determined by the sort of material you order. Blog posts and articles are generally delivered in 24 to 72 hours, depending on their length.

Writing for us is the perfect way for you to share inspirational ideas and tips with a common audience. In addition, you will also be able to advertise yourself, your own site or business in the article. In some instances we make small changes to content or formatting, but no extensive or wholesale changes. Energy medicine clinic is fast growing community whose purpose is to serve people by providing free independent health related information. We have a big audience which is growing every day, and we are always looking for experts to write for our site.