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When you’re trying to break into freelance writing and make money online, you don’t have time to wade through thousands of results looking for paid gigs in your niche. This survey suggests that bloggers who use AI pay significantly less for blog posts. The average 2,000 word article costs an average of $437 for an AI-assisted writer, in comparison to $565 for a writer who doesn’t use AI. We are starting to see more near-human experiences with machines. AI can write poetry, compose songs, and create art.

Eleven years ago, Oxford University made him its Simonyi professor for the public understanding of science, a role ideally suited to a prolific author who is a regular presence on the TV. But a lot of his day-to-day life still seems to revolve around the fascinatingly abstract and complex world of pure maths – which, as his current quest suggests, is becoming ever more onerous and complex. Modern mathematicians stand on top of a body of knowledge that stretches back centuries. A great many theorems have been proved; even some of the most complicated fields of research have been fully explored, and closed off.


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I’ll personally help you overcome any limiting beliefs, attract high-paying clients, build your brand online, review your pitches, and show you how to scale your business. In this Writing Wednesday episode, I show you how I got accepted into a top tier Medium publication – Better Humans. Not only is this is a super popular publication, but it’s very difficult to get pieces accepted as they’re very selective and require long posts (3,000+ words). The second is that the goal of the article is to change the reader’s life for the better.

GitHub repos, Playgrounds, JSFiddles, and gists are highly recommended. Whereas your content writer might produce a 1000-word piece in a few hours, automation can whip something up in just minutes. And it can keep going all day, all night, and into the weekend—just churning out article after article after article. And it doesn’t need bathroom breaks or holidays or a salary. AI isn’t actually that bad at delivering bite-size content that won’t scare off the reader the second they land on the page.

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