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Therefore, this might include “likes”, comments, product reviews, ratings, and so on. As against the traditional advertising business, this engages potential customers. By placing their opinion, they can themselves be stakeholders in the process. Logicsoft is designing as well as a developmental site for websites and marketing.


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You can include screenshots, images, graphics, and please center it / 500 px wide. The usage of bulletins would make your blog more compact. Our editors love write-ups that answer FAQs or numbered lists of tips/ reasons/ tactics.

If everything looks good, we’ll publish your article on our site within a week. Make sure your article flows smoothly and is easy to read. Make sure your article is well-written and free of grammatical and spelling errors. Think SEO- use keywords that you think people will search for when looking for an article like yours. Remember that you are informing the reader, not lecturing them. Use language that is easy to understand and relatable.

To get higher quality guest posting links, check out our link below. We just aim our writers to bring fresh topics and publish their unique perspectives on those topics. Your content will be posted on all the social media channels on @semupdatesinc and @richapathak_dm handles which has 50K+ followers. We will publish all articles directly on and across our other channels, including but not limited to social media and other professional networks. Engaio Digital bases its articles on expertise, reporting, and research. The topics of articles have to be evergreen, meaning their lifespan and learning potential for readers only increases with time.

While it’s fine to mention your business and how it relates to the topic, avoid straight-up advertisements if they don’t fit the overall narrative. For example, continually reminding a reader that you’re from company X, won’t create an experience you or we should desire. Every article needs to be complete, and a reader has to be able to enjoy your article in one sitting without further reading required. While you can include links for further reading, it can’t be a requirement for understanding your content. Engaio Digital’s content is always developing, and if you have an idea for an article that might not match a listed type, we still want to hear from you.

Including quotes from other sources in your blog can help to add credibility to your writing. He has been influential in the social marketing sector. The articles here cater chiefly to the workings of social media and marketing, especially technology, startups, etc. “Do I provide value?” They also come to our site for assistance with their social media glitches. As a result, you should focus on tips that our readers can simply execute. However, the advice must be actionable, precise, and unambiguous.

Read the “How to Submit” section and send all the required information along with your topic. We have the right to edit your submitted content. All links to external resources must be relevant and not just your promotional links. And any other relevant topics you can come up with. If, after doing so, you feel your work is a good fit for us, please fill up this form.