Sir Ernest Alfred Thompson Wallis Budge 1857-1934 The Greenfield Papyrus In The British Museum By Ea Wallis Budge

creproduced in collotype facsimile, with introduction and description by E.A. As properly as her lion-and-crocodile-headed kind, Hepet-Hor seems with a snake for a head, as in the Greenfield Papyrus . Here she’s doing her usual job of guarding Osiris, knives on the ready. Files are available under licenses specified on their description page.

Due to major constructing exercise, some collections are unavailable. Open your image file to the total size using image processing software program. Ancient Egypt and the Ancient Near East, mythology, goddesses, monsters, and so on.

One of the scenes shows when the god Shu helps Nut to divide heaven and earth, represented as Geb . Among the scenes are also elements of the creation of the world in accordance with the Egyptian creation fable with the god Atum within deer hunting and fishing headstones the centre. Below a easy diagram exhibits how the adverse charge precipitates through the constructive electrode plasma sieve ionosphere to be discharged into the Earth as lightning.

Above the right Khnum are some additional hieroglyphs explaining how the van allen belts retailer cost as a collector. Shu’s arms are shown supported to the left and right by Khnum. Here Khnum is representing the double layer of the earths electric area, together with his horns that represent the plasma sheath.

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