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Some contributing writers (“Write for Us” fashion) have a habit of using capital letters to emphasize words. Try not to use capital letters as it is like shouting on the internet, which does not suit our style. Please write to us health in a simple way and do not use too technical language so that the content is easy to read and understand.


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However, the reply of mail should be delay some times. Please check out our blog for updated information. Before submitting the articles, you should follow the proper guidelines and requirements. It must not have been published anywhere else on the web.

The people who are crazy about writing and have innovative writing skills and practices, then all guest writers can contribute a guest post to write for us page. I need a Bio describing you, of length not exceeding 400 characters . In addition to youremailaddress (the one you use in yourGravatar.comaccount) tosee a photo in the author ‘s post box, don’t forget to add the links to your blog and social networks. This means that you are the owner of your guest post (Health and Beauty “write us”) and give permission to others to publicly share, copy, adapt, distribute, perform and communicate. If you are interested in posting your guest articles on BTK, we encourage you to read the instructions below and follow them as best you can . remain the rights of all submitted content. Submitted content cannot be re-published elsewhere on the internet. Any plagiarized submissions will be removed from our website without notice. is online platform for health and beauty content. If you are a content contributor, guest blogger or affiliate then you can write for us. By our beauty write for us or beauty blog write us you can get a opportunity to submit guest post. We’re always looking for great writers to be a part of our team at Mom News Daily. Our team would love to hear from you, whether you’re a professional blogger or a newbie writer.

Our primary goal is to educate our readers, not get them to buy things. Contact us at if you prepared your mind to write for us skincare category. The article should go over the topic thoroughly and contain links. Guest pieces, as well as partner articles, are welcome in the columns. By becoming a guest writer for Beast Beauty, you’ll be giving your ideas and advice to others.

We even have the proper rights to re-edit the approved articles for Grammatical mistakes. In the editor’s bio at the conclusion of the piece, a link to the author is permitted. 2) Your Beauty Tutorial – If you have a beauty tutorial, you may be included. Discuss your beauty tutorial’s Step-by-Step Guide. Please make sure that your submission is original i.e. it hasn’t been published anywhere else . We are here to give you advice on feeling beautiful every day.

To submit your article for consideration, please email us at submit ‘at’ beautyeverywhere ‘dot’ com. Do not try to cheat us, check the content it should not contain any duplicate content. Ideal article length would consist of over 1200 words. 1) Failure to abide by our guidelines will lead to the rejection of your article. Content should be sent in a Google Doc file or MS Word document. No PDF or any other format file will be accepted.

For sure, our publishing team will contact you within 24 hours. We’re looking for beauty & fashion experts, SEO agencies, brands, and bloggers who can provide high-quality, unique content. If you think you have what it takes, then we’d love to hear from you. We are an online beauty community where bloggers interested in Write for Us Beauty and Fashion, makeup, skincare, hair, and wellness may offer their opinions and recommendations. The beauty categories you can choose to write for us to submit a paid guest post are skin treatments, plastic surgery, natural beauty, make ups, and more. We appreciate bloggers, content writers, and digital marketers with excellent and valuable content to publish their content with Beauty With Glee.

Are you interested in writing for Mom News Daily? Write for us Beauty and you’ll reach millions of readers with your content. You can also send us pictures and videos relevant to your content provided that they are original and yours or you have the proof to use them.