How to Write Your First Letter

If you’re interested in joining as an officer, the recruiter will explain any options you may be eligible for. The WAR ROOM Editorial team strives to complete the editing process in an efficient, friendly, and helpful manner. Our aim is to do as few rounds of revision as possible, but as many as necessary. For many articles, this may include two or three rounds of revision. Authors are not required to concur with all editorial feedback.

If you live in a different part of the world, here are a few resources to write to servicemembers from your country. Due to everything it includes, the service is not free. Sandboxx charges $4 to send a single letter, but you can save by purchasing multiple letters at once. For example, $60 gets you 20 letters—dropping the price to $3 per letter. On the Where To Send page, you’ll find a list of soldier contacts, sorted by date of last contact, along the left side.

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Its purpose is to honor all living veterans who served in the military, in wartime or peacetime. Find more hints for writing cards and letters and get ideas for surprises to tuck into envelopes. I understand that Military Home Base is not responsible should anyone else share my work after being published on the MHB site and if my blog is chosen MHB will email me with instructions to issue payment. If you haven’t written a physical letter in a while, you may want to practice your handwriting before penning your note.

If you plagiarize, your article will be rejected and you will never again be welcome to publish with us. (Passive voice should not be used. See what we did there?). If you are writing about something theoretical, use real-world or even fictional vignettes to illustrate your point. After a two year hiatus due to COVID, Hops for Heroes is back in 2022! Learn how craft breweries of all sizes can brew their support for troops and veterans. Corporate sponsors and their employees give back to veterans by hosting events at VA’s across the country through Soldiers’ Angels Home of the Brave.

Then it was sent to those elusive “New York Publishing Houses.” I waited. For this work on tracked vehicles, you’ll have a complete tool box, including the Army’s best power tools. As a Tracked Vehicle Repairer, you’ll also train to replace engines, transmission breaks, injectors, and diesel power plants.

By the way, today my little boy is a cancer survivor, and also has a book written for him by Mommy. We do not accept blog posts from organizations, but we recognize that some milspouses write for multiple websites. For our commentary articles and book reviews, we accept submissions between 800 and 2,500 words. We sometimes solicit pieces longer than 2,500 words, but we do not accept unsolicited submissions that fall outside the 800 to 2,500-word window. Do not send us an article that has been submitted elsewhere unless you have formally withdrawn it. And if you submit to War on the Rocks and later change your mind, tell us before you submit it elsewhere.

Because of the large volume of submissions, we will contact you only if your piece is accepted. If you do not hear from us within three business days, please feel free to submit your article to other publications. Blog Brigade can only exist through the submissions of those who have learned a thing or two in their MilLife and are willing to share with our military community. Follow the adventures of others, and share your own.

Keeping these high-tech, up-to-date Army tracked vehicles in action by maintaining and repairing them is the job of the men and women in Military Occupational Specialty…Tracked Vehicle Repairer. You’ll also repair the tracked vehicle using battlefield damage assessment and repair—or BDAR. Fortunately, they’re never out of service for long when in the hands of Tracked Vehicle Repairers. You can ensure the Blackhawk is in topnotch shape to meet the Army’s combat needs as a Military Occupational Specialt, UH-60 Helicopter Repairer. You’ll also move aircraft for maintenance, prepare aircraft for flight, operate the aviation ground power unit, or serve as an air crew member. You’ll also train to perform periodic maintenance by taking oil samples from the gear boxes, checking the blade indication method on the rotor blades, and inspecting aircraft components.