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In a 2018 systematic review of herbal remedies for depression, 45% of studies reported positive results from herbal treatments, including fewer side effects than standard antidepressants. Depression is treatable, though the treatment may depend on the exact type a person is living with. Some people have a higher risk of depression than others. Triggers are emotional, psychological, or physical events or circumstances that can cause depression symptoms to appear or return. Younger children may have difficulty expressing how they feel in words.


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As I say, many writers will probably have their own experiences with depression . In a group, you can find comfort in sharing your experiences with other writers who get it. Reviews of movies, books, and other popular media that touch on themes of mental health and wellness. We are always looking for great mental health bloggers with lived experience. Last but not least, keep in mind that in case we publish your article, you cannot publish it anywhere else even on your own blog.

“I often tell my patients to write and rip,” Howell says. Journaling helps you take an active role in your treatment. It empowers you to do something to help yourself feel better. It also helps you recognize when you feel worse and need extra help. We encourage you to read current articles to give you a sense of the type of work we are willing to accept.

Sponsored posts must be relevant to the topics included on Blunt Therapy, be well-written, and must be original. If you are an expert in mental health, addictions, relationships, or therapy, I invite you to publish your work on Blunt Therapy. As someone who knows the shame that can fester as a result of silence and misinformation caused by mental health stigma, I am glad to learn about these resources. Introvert, Dear is one of my favorite blogs, and they are actively accepting submissions. As the name suggests, their blog is dedicated to introverts, and receives 2 million views a month! Topics include relationships, personality, career, and the science behind introversion.

It’s just us and the laptop or notebook – not counting the characters in our heads. But it is important to engage in conversations withrealpeople, too, for our own mental health. Expert information and advice from mental health and wellness professionals. You need to be able to speak out on topics relating to your subject and be willing to share pertinent, personal experiences. We are a reputable mental health services organization based in Boulder, Colorado. We started our mission in 2015, and since then we have offered our services to so many people.

YR Media is “a national network of young journalists and artists who create multimedia content for this generation.” They welcome story submissions from contributors of all skill levels. They want stories that are produced by/for a young audience and that include people/places that are not always covered by traditional news sources. The stories should have strong visual elements e.g. photos, illustrations, videos, etc. According to their senior mental health and wellbeing editor, they pay $150 per post.