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” They even publish “revisionist fan-fiction.” They pay up to $100 per article, and up to $200 per comic. Is published by Nebraska’s Game and Parks Commission. GrownGaming is always looking for talented writers to join the family – and we only expect you to write about what you enjoy. Whether you like writing opinion pieces, covering the latest breaking news stories, putting together helpful tips and guides, or writing informative reviews, we have the platform for you.

You can find video game writing jobs for video game guides, sales copy, walk-throughs, game narratives, reviews, gaming books, and so much more. You can also be asked to create posts on industry trends and events, in-depth articles about games and creators, media scripts, and other materials relevant for gaming audiences. In this Professional Certificate Program, you’ll learn the tools and techniques of writing for video games in a comprehensive program designed by successful, working game writers and teachers.

If you enjoy writing feature stories, you can be a feature post writer. Feature writers create easy-to-read material on popular gamers, talented designers, and other hot topics in the gaming industry. Video game writing jobs in this category will likely include some social media management as well as content creation, so you’ll want to read the expectations carefully.

Our focus is on news and critical content, fan culture, and in-depth game help targeted at enthusiasts and delivered via all major content channels and formats. Learn the fundamentals of building video game worlds, from a writer’s perspective. MuMu Player stays active on social networks like Facebook, Twitter, VK, Cafe, etc., and has a large following. Any articles you submit on MuMu will receive higher exposure through these social media shares.


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Books – If you love reading books and want to share your passion, now’s the chance to do it! We accept book reviews, ending explained articles, listicles and long-form articles about authors and genres. To succeed in this role, you’ll need to create video-game-themed content your readers can quickly scan.

Guest posts are a great way to gain additional exposure and highlight your skills as a writer. If you’re an indie game designer or developer and have any advice, stories and relevant information please get in touch. If you are a gamer that wants to share your opinion, please ensure it is well-researched, avoids profanity and provides a structured opinion.

To submit an article, please send an email with “Guest Post + Language + Article Title” as the subject and attach your article (.doc format) to Once your article is received, our editors will review/revise it. If the article is approved and successfully published, we will notify you by email. If you can provide high-quality articles to MuMu consistently for a long time, you will receive a rich reward.

The editorial team will have final say on your articles being approved for publication or not so wait for our response for 24 hours. We have a huge audience, so you can rank your blog ASAP by publishing your article on our website. We also receive a whole host of records, indie films, upcoming streaming releases and other content ahead of release, meaning you’ll be among the first to experience these before the general public. Music – If you choose to cover music, we accept album reviews for both soundtracks and artist EPs. We cover all genres from K-Pop and electro through to drum and bass and hip-hop. Work won’t automatically start rolling in once you’ve completed one or two pieces of writing.

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