Freelance Writing Jobs: 26 Fresh Home & Garden Pubs That Pay

On the Tiramar Farms Homestead blog, you will find the homesteading experiences of the author, Rachel. Accidental Hippies is a debt-free, off-grid, cordwood homestead blog. Sustainable Living, Self Sufficiency, Homeschooling, DIY, Backyard Farming, Preserving, and Vintage Skills for the modern homesteader. Authored by Tiffany Davis, a Phoenix-based backyard homesteader. Covers a range of homesteading topics, with a focus on Backyard Garden, Homestead Animals, Real Food Recipes, and Simple Living Skills.

Blog posts cover Chickens, Homemaking, Herbs, Recipes, and Devotionals. Written by Amy Fewell, a homesteading wife, mama, podcaster, author, herbalist, and an average farm girl. Learn to Grow, Preserve and Thrive on your homestead, whether you are in an apartment or on 40 acres in the country, you’ll get the practical education you need to grow your own food. Small scale farming with a goal of sustainable living.

The home and garden niche includes construction, landscaping, home improvement, and DIY, too. Each year, for example, I prepare my beds for planting, but each year my general approach grows more specific. I learn how better to rotate my crops, to amend the pH, to consider what last year’s plants have stripped from the soil and what the coming spring’s plants will require. Each morning I pick up my legal pad and pencil and scratch out sentence after sentence at the same slow pace, with the same long pauses, the same scribbling out. Yet, like a jagged stone dropped in a river, my language smooths, speck by speck, with each day of unyielding effort.

Nearly four million homesteaders settled land across 30 states over 123 years. Writers with a green thumb just might be a perfect fit for these 7 publications. They focus on every aspect of gardening and farming imaginable, and they’re all widely read.

I know all aspects of developing an Off Grid Homestead from Building a House, Installing Solar and Water Catchment and Raising or Hunting my Own Food. I hope to share what I’ve learned to help you do the same. Features Southern Traditions, Recipes, gardening, backyard animals, crafting, DIY, spotlight stories, and everything home. Best Homesteading blogs from thousands of blogs on the web and ranked by traffic, social media followers, domain authority & freshness.

It’s My Sustainable Life, a homesteading lifestyle blog. Learn homesteading skills for everything from natural home remedies to growing produce and raising chickens! Key topics covered are emergency prep, defense & protection, gardening, farming, alternative energy & more! As a community-building site, we WANT you to include links to your blog and social media profiles so that other homesteaders can connect with you or read more of your work if they like your voice.


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The idea is to get specific and peak our readers’ interests beyond basic homesteading skills. If you are wondering if your idea might be appropriate, just reach out to us with the contact form below and we’ll be happy to give you feedback or work through an idea. Are you a homesteader, gardener, or do-it-yourselfer with something to share? Our site is built around the idea that our entire community has great advice to share with each other. We would love to hear from you with a proposal for a how-to article. Are you a veteran homesteader, or just starting off?

You can add one link in your bio which can have a picture of you, or your logo if you like – one follow link can be added here. Sorry, no editorial links to other websites are allowed. Each job listing also has a short summary with any relevant information I can find (pay, what countries it may be open to, etc.). Pay ranges from $25 – $150 per article – quite the large range.