Food and Drink Copywriting Examples and Inspirations

Additionally, if you are interested in a research & writing internship or fellowship please check out available positions HERE. At the end of your article, include an author bio or byline. Before sending your article, please double-check it and make any required changes. Make sure you use proper grammar and write in an American English style (i.e., flavour vs. flavour). To eliminate problems in spelling, delivery, and tone, do comprehensive proofreading using grammar checking services.

As a food blogger, you will get a huge audience and will gain new knowledge about different dishes and cuisines. You can also use this opportunity to increase your online authority and culinary skills. You will also have the chance to connect with people and open doors to your own business.

These people should apply and send us their work. We’re looking for guest posts that offer honest insights into all things culinary. Eat Drink Boulder is a writers collective featuring exclusive writing and photography from great local writers. We love our local community, our local food and drink scene, and writing about it.


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Join our community of globetrotting foodies and become a contributor to Honest Food Talks today. For me, this is almost always ice cream, but depending on the day, it might also be a really greasy cheeseburger from the store down the street. Like writing and help you develop new ideas along the way.

We are always looking for great guest posts, but we reserve the right to edit your article before publishing. Working as part of the Fed Up & Drunk team, you’ll be writing interesting, compelling and shareable blogs about your local food and drink scene. Make use of keywords that are relevant to your chosen topic. It will aid in the discovery of your article by search engines, resulting in an increase in the number of readers. We will not accept guest blogs that contain links to websites that are unrelated to our preferred topics. This is subject to review by a member of the editorial team who will proofread your work and suggest edits.

Add bullet points to explain why your article will interest our readers. Finally, it can be quick and easy to turn your blog or recipe into a video. Upload it to your YouTube and Vimeo channels, or take the plunge and present a recipe as a Facebook Live video – your fans will love you for it. 70% of marketers are actively investing in content marketing. You can advertise your website/product or service for a monthly fee or yearly fee on my site. The price will differ depending on the type of business you have.

As a blogger, you may want to increase your traffic by submitting guest posts on popular food blogs. These guest posts can help you get more blog traffic and improve your Google rankings. You can do this regardless of your niche or website’s subject. The first step to guest posting on a food blog is to find a site that accepts guest posts, and then submit your content with a link to your website.