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Think about how the actions, motives and relationships may be affected by the events of the story and how their relationship might shift. Casual touches may become more forceful or unwelcome. They may laugh and joke with each other or be caught smiling at a once-loathed enemy. Think about a similar relationship you might have experienced and incorporate your behaviour into your characters’ actions. Love means that you are in it together no matter who your partner is, but sometimes there may be trouble when one partner has narcissistic tendencies. Help your readers identify when their loved one might not be healthy for them to be around, and how they can get out of a bad relationship.


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Be sure to let your editor know how much you appreciate yours, and thank them for their efforts. Love is something that is a right to everyone, which means that there may even be those in love who are in prison. Love and a relationship would be especially complicated if you deal with being separated from a loved one by bars or glass. Prisoners and their significant others can maintain a relationship no matter how long they have been apart. Wondering how to have a happy, healthy, and long-lasting relationship? Knowing that simple fact is the key to a long-lasting relationship.

We want you to share us your best pieces on dating and marriage and engage with our group of intelligent and interested readers. Family is important in any relationship and can affect how love works out so write an article on love and family. Families can be both supportive and destructive when it comes to the relationships of their loved ones. Investigate with your readers’ different ways their family could be affecting their love life and relationship. Marriage and relationships as a senior are still a key part of being healthy and happy when growing old, so providing some advice on how love can work for them, even if they are older or retired.

They might either be heavily reliant on each other, suspicious of each other or avoid each other at all costs. Take some time to list key memories that characters may share and how this may be referred to in their interaction with each other. Also, think about how the same event can be viewed differently depending on your characters. A party animal may enjoy the hilarious memory of a fellow character having their drink spiked whilst another may see it as a scary experience. While the former may see it as a funny memory to be joked about, the latter might not, which could cause a point of argument or tension between them.

People might be wondering if love can happen when there is a big age gap between them and their partner. Love does not have any limits, so large differences in age sometimes work out. Many people have different opinions on the matter, but it’s really only important to the two people in love. Dating a new partner can be exciting, but it may also come with some uncertainties. Discuss the things that your readers should do when they begin dating someone new so that their experience will go as smoothly as possible. We will not publish a piece that has been or will be published anywhere else.

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